Beginners Watercolour Classes

For those who wish they could..... Learn how to paint in watercolours.

It is a challenging course… but there is a lot of fun learning the techniques.

Class photo

The course covers 10 hours of intensive demonstration and tutoring, with award-winning watercolour artist, John E. Gibb.  Basic drawing skills will be taught where needed and it will be assumed that each participant will have had no previous experience working in the medium of watercolour.

Cost of the course is: $150 per person. (No concessions)
(This amount includes travel costs, etc., and equates to a very reasonable cost at only $15 per hour per person)

Participants will need to provide their own materials, but for those who have none, a basic ‘starter’ kit list is available.  The cost of these can vary but one can expect it to cost approximately $120.

If you are interested in forming a class in your area, all you need to do is get a minimum of 6 committed people together (maximum of 10), find a suitable venue, and decide on a 3 - week time frame suited to all members.  A suggested time frame is:

Day 1  -  2 hours introduction to materials, methods and basic exercises.

Day 2  -  4 hours - exercises, starting a painting, new methods.

Day 3  -  4 hours - painting methods.

Contact John at and set a date to start.

Full payment for the course will be expected on Day 1.


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